Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bakers Cist?

Anyone ever heard of a Bakers Cist? well Zayden has had a huge lump on the back of his knee for some time and so I took him to the doctor and they did all the tests and they said it was a bakers cist. I don't know if I really believe them though. We don't have the greatest doctors here in the great big town of meeker! So any advise or thoughts on the subject would be appreciated. They told me it should go away on it's own but if it's not gone in three months to bring him back in. it has been two months and it is not getting any smaller. I am not a worry wart mom, but i have to admit I am starting to be concerned...

Friday, March 19, 2010


I cannot believe my baby is six months old! He is quite a little character! We have not taken him in for his six month check up yet but at his five month sick appointment he weighed in at 17.9 lbs and was 26 in. long. So all in all I think he is healthy!

He is rolling and sitting and almost up on his knees. He scoots around on the floor trying to chase his siblings or toys and as a result has some pretty ugly carpet burns on his arms. But he doesn't seem to mind! He laughs so much at his brother and sister and they know just what will get him going. He loves to be thrown around (quite literally) by his daddy and just laughs and laughs and laughs. His smile just gets me every time and when he knows I am leaving the room or moving on to do chores or work, he just puckers his lower lip and it is all I can do to keep from buckling! What a charmer! He is such a joy to have around and we are so blessed to have him in our lives! We love you Deklan!

This is Deklan at 4 months! I don't have my camera yet to take official 6 month pics yet!


So I have this amazing talent of dropping, misplacing or breaking important things. The latest? My brand new camera. We were at the mall and kaleah had to use the restroom, so I took her and I had the diaper bag over my shoulder. She finished and asked me to help her pull up her tights and skirt, so I did and the contents of the front pocket of the diaper bag all fell out; keys, phone, diaper ointment, teething tablets and yes my NEW camera. It all fell on the floor with the exception of said camera..... right into the toilet! So needless to say I have been camraless for two weeks. last week we drove the two hours to a best buy and because I had purchased the warrenty I thought we would be fine. but unfortunetly we get there and the girl at the counter tells us it only covers spills, not full emersions into water. but she felt bad and wrote on the claim it had had "a large amount of water spilled" onto it and so they accepted the claim and we get a new camera. So thank you to the best buy girl. Now I just have to find the time to drive two more hours to go get the new one! Oh how I want to be back in the city!

Friday, March 5, 2010


It is snowing!!!! I thought spring was on its way! it has been sunny and warm and sunny.... so sad!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Say what???

So Zayden Just turned 4 on monday! (will blog about that later...) but last week I was sitting in the kitchen trying to prepare for dinner and in he walks and this is our conversation....

Zayden- mommy can I have a snack?
M-No I am making dinner?
Z- Please I am REALLY starvin?...
M- No you can wait.
Z - ugh... you're really tickin me off dude!

Seriously??? and then, we are all in the family room playing and horsing around and zayden looks at kyler and says "daddy, you are a selfish Jerk pck." !!!! What the??? So we asked him where he had heard this saying and ... wait for it... he said "uncle Skye"!!! So of course we start laughing uncontrollably until we realize probably not ok to do infront of Z. So we ask him what it means... and he replies... "mommy it just means that daddy is SO funny. He just cracks me up..." So needless to say we then had to explain to him what it really meant so he would not repeat to someone else... i.e. his primary teacher. grandparents or best friend with whom he is with every day and proclaims to marry someday... What can I say... "kids say the darndest things!"